What is a customized urban trek?

It is one that is tailored to your specific interests. It is an urban trek that can last between four to seven hours; where you can incorporate different neighborhoods and sites that can be done within the time frame you choose. Urban Trek USA will suggest a start time but the final decision will be yours as long as the entire urban trek can be completed in a time frame to ensure your enjoyment of the whole experience.

Note: Customized urban treks are not offered on Saturdays & Sundays.

Note: Urban Trek USA is a smoke-free urban trek.

How much will a customized urban trek cost?

It costs $225.00 for a group between one to four persons. A $30.00 charge will be added for each additional person over four. Scroll to the bottom of the page for sample prices. 

How can you make a reservation for a customized urban trek?

Customized urban treks are done only upon availability. Advance reservations are required. Reservations made less than *30 days in advance might not be able to be accommodated. All reservations can be made by sending an e-mail to anton@urbantrekusa.com and indicate that you are interested in a customized urban trek. After your e-mail is received, you will receive instructions on how to proceed.

It is necessary for you to complete a questionnaire because this is the best way for Urban Trek USA to determine the best way to customize an urban trek for you. The goal is to obtain information about everyone's interests, fitness level, and preferences.

( *If you would like to make a private urban trek reservation less than 30 days from today, a semi-customized urban trek might be possible. Send an e-mail to anton@urbantrekusa.com to find out what options are available to you.)

What are the benefits of a customized urban trek vs. simply "trekking" on your own?

There are four big advantages in having an urban trek customized for you vs. you just going around on your own:

1. It will save you time and take away the headache in planning a day in San Francisco. You will not be worrying about knowing what bus to take, what the most efficient way is to get from one place to another, the best and/or most reasonably priced places to eat, and the possibility of getting lost.

2. You will have a better appreciation of the places you will visit because the Urban Trek Leader will provide you with historical and interesting information about them. If you are reading a book or listening to pre-recorded audio tour, those things will not be able to respond if you have any questions. You will also get good recommendations of things to do in each neighborhood so if you feel like going back you will know what your options are.

3. You will get personal attention and feel like having a friend showing you around.

4. Urban Trek USA strives to be the best and most fun way to get to know San Francisco.

What are are the places and things not included in a customized urban trek?

It is recommend that the following places be done on your own because there is not much interesting things to provide about them and they are places better visited taking your time to enjoy the places:
1. Fisherman's Wharf
2. Pier 39
3. Ghirardelli Square
4. Golden Gate Park

5. Haight Street neighborhood

6. Cable car rides

Note: Shopping and browsing at stores is never included in your itinerary. If shopping is something you want to do, a customized urban trek is not compatible with your needs.

What are included in the price of the customized urban trek?
 - An Urban Trek Leader to lead the urban trek

 - When appropriate, self-guided instructions to explore other parts of The City including the "secret spots" not included in your customized urban trek itinerary

What are excluded from the price of the customized urban trek?

 - Cost of public transportation.
 - Cost of meals and snacks.

Other conditions you have to meet:

- All urban treks are smoke-free. Therefore, smoking is not allowed near the Urban Trek Leader during the urban trek.

- Everyone has to be able to do the physical requirements for the urban trek as specified in the Helpful Tips page

Customized Urban Trek Pricing Examples:
One to four persons = $225.00
Five persons = $255.00
Six persons = $285.00
Seven persons = $315.00

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