Urban Trek USA offers three different urban treks (San Francisco walking & city tours) on different days of the week; plus a customized (private) urban trek subject to availability.

- Urban Trek 1 - On Tuesday & Thursday   

- Urban Trek 2 - On Monday    

- Urban Trek 4 - On Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

- Customized (Private) Urban Trek - Only upon availability

An urban trek is basically a walking tour but better because it encompasses more than one neighborhood (city tour) by incorporating taking San Francisco's public transportation to get from one neighborhood to another. 

An urban trek will give you the best San Francisco EXPERIENCE by providing you with an IMMERSIVE city tour and more personal service since the group will always be small -no more than seven people.

An urban trek will include some popular tourist places, but more importantly it will also include the "secret spots" - places that are likely known only by the locals - because your Urban Trek Leader has lived in San Francisco for decades and will share some of the The City's hidden gems with you.

An urban trek will also give you a chance to sample some of San Francisco's excellent food. Each urban trek includes a stop for lunch (except for urban trek 4) at neighborhoods with some of the best places to enjoy a good meal. Or in the case of urban trek 4, a stop at a neighborhood cafe with some excellent Italian pastries. The Urban Trek Leader will also provide you with excellent recommendations on the best places to have lunch and their special dishes.

The goal of Urban Trek USA is to also make you feel more comfortable getting around the city so you not only have a great time during your urban trek, but will continue to enjoy The City during the remaining days of your visit by also providing you with written directions for exploring more "secret spots" of San Francisco.

All in all, the urban trek will be the best introduction you can have in getting to know San Francisco.

Urban Trek USA small group tour is the walking tour & city tour that will show you the "secret spots" without the crowds so you can EXPERIENCE San Francisco at its best.

Urban Treks - San Francisco small group tours by Urban Trek USA